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8-8-2019 Could it happen?

Attorney Dave Ridge running for Judge in Erie, Pennsylvania – Could he lose the election?

Yes he could: Check it out!


7-18-2019  Get a fair trial only if you have money?

Why did one government official have to spend over 4.5 million for attorney fees? This insanity never ends. If you don’t think our legal system is out of control, think again. If you don’t have a lot of money and/or have political ties you are totally f–ked in our American Legal System today. The biases of most of our Judges today is something that the American people have failed to address and that is a serious mistake. My advise is never let a Judge decide your future even if you know him: demand a jury trial. Be careful in the future, the manipulation activities like those used on the TV show Bull could f–k you if the prosecution has these similar tools to control a jury against you, not for you! As a Note: Sex in the newest weapon which can now take down any man in America: always keep one eye open and never trust your attorney unless he has some control over the Judge in your favor. The legal system has lost its respect for justice in America because there is just too much corruption in the chamber deals. And what the hell is fair when the prosecution has an unlimited amount of money to convict you and you may have far less than $100,000.00 to protect yourself. The Democratic Party spent over 30 million dollars for attorneys on Trump’s alleged collusion: they’re nuts. Some attorneys on both sides whispered ‘thank you Democratic Assholes’ for all the money: have a nice day!

6-30-2019 – U.S. Supreme Court has now ruled ‘no question on citizenship’; thus illegal citizens will now have the right to say and use their census data to determine the number of seats each state has in the House and also gives them a say on how to distribute the billions in federal funds to local communities. Insanity in America’s highest court and a total disgrace!

This fucking court seems to worried about illegal citizens not answering the census. If you are not a citizen of the United States why did this fucking court give non-citizens a vote (or the data) which is used to determine the use of billions of dollars in federal funds and which is also used to determine the number of seats each state has in the House. If you don’t think these fuckers are out of control think again. If non-citizens can affect the money to local communities and the number of seats in the House what the fuck were these assholes thinking? Yes frankgoesnuclear attacks the highest court in the land because apparently no one else has the balls to do it! I used to believe that judges were to be respected and honored well that shit doesn’t hold water anymore. The legal system is defunct in America, which includes Congress and our entire court system: so it is up to you ‘Citizens of America’ to expose their insanity.

Note: After Congress gets though fucking around with the Hatch Act. This U.S. Supreme Court may decide whether Kellyanne Conway is a high-level official or not. She is an advisor to the White House and counsel to the President so the U.S. Supreme Court will probably think this is surely a low-level official position?

6-27-2019 – U.S. Supreme Court fucks up again

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According to NewsMaxTV: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that courts cannot block gerrymandering. Or read with meaning of the word gerrymandering reads as follows: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that courts cannot block the manipulating of boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. If this is true America is fucked!

June 26th, 2019 – Legalized Kidnapping?

Nothing short of legalized kidnapping orchestrated by our American legal system. My ex used the American legal system to torture two beautiful children. Kathryn loved me more than anyone and her smile could stop a war from happening but was told by her mother that I was going to kill her. Kathryn believed her mother because my ex had used forged life insurance papers to trick Kathryn that I was going to kill her. My son, Jon, has changed his name to my ex’s family name and he has refused to talk to me anymore. My ex needs to be put in jail but the legal system has protected her. Even after I submitted supporting evidence, the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Pennsylvania to hid evidence of perjury and also has allowed Pennsylvania to commit appalling fraud in a federal court of law by refusing to correct it. PA told the federal court my evidence of perjury was dismissed in the trail court and the fucking federal court refused to address my claims that PA had fraudulently lied to their federal court. This evidence showed that a real indecent assault and sexual counseling was denied and replaced with a fake indecent assault and these fuckers couldn’t care less. (See the evidence) This American legal system can suck a dork until the jackass dies. Things are so far out of control that saving any sanity will become a serious problem down the road and we may be there already. I will keep these nuclear words going until something happens. The world may never be the same anymore because it appears that any mental sanity of our authority figures have left the building. I’ve been fighting these mother fuckers for over 25 years and if we don’t do something soon about this insanity; say goodbye to common sense.

June 25th, 2019 – Never trust an attorney

I don’t care if his brother is Governor of your state or is head of Homeland Security don’t trust an attorney; always keep one eye open. Check out this dumb ass attorney:

June 12th, 2019 – What’s Wrong with the Media Messages today?

How in God’s name did America agree to release 150 billion to a country chanting death to America? How did Iran honor the old nuclear deal: no problem they just would build nuclear weapons in another country? Iran also used all this released money to feed every terrorist group that wanted to kill and destroy America, just how fu-cking insane was that deal? Yes there were six countries and the Europe union who agreed to the deal but who in the hell besides Obama made America agreed to such a fu-ked up deal? We need to expose and fix all this corrupt shit before it’s too late! These God damn democrats control almost every fu-king media outlet in this country including the New York Times and the Washington Post. Their fake news only works to protect the democrats own obstruction of justice, fraud, and treason. These power hurry fu-ks are shifting the stories 180 degrees to hide all their wrong doings!

No one has reported: “Who paid for the dirty dossier or who were all the people involved in orchestrating such?” “And how many people knew the dirty dossier was not verified.” I also want to know who paid to orchestrate Dr. Ford’s testimony and who was involved that made her testify that it was Brett Kavanaugh – I’m 100% sure! Dr. Ford wasn’t 100% of anything for years except when the Democrats wanted control of the U.S. Supreme Court. Why isn’t someone questioning who paid for all this obstruction of justice? And why are American Citizens not demanding Congress to help with the border crisis? Congress, our Courts, and most of the media are causing a serious mental health issue in America which may cause a serious suicide crisis when the truth is finally known. Hope we can fix this shit before that happens!

I have all the evidence on this website to show that Congress and the Courts  are truly corrupt and insane so nothing they say can be believed. This certainly is the sickest time in our country’s history and only American Citizens can fix it.

May 1, 2019

Let’s look at just the debate between the two legalized mafias now, our two political parties in America. The democrats lost the election and what is being said is: how in the hell did we lose the election. Hillary and Obama knew that the Russians or someone had hacked their computers. So they decided to create a story that the Russians and Trump must have been involved. Hillary and Obama knew about the hacking and really did nothing about it before the election. We had numerous people on the media say that Trump and his team worked with the Russians and they had the evidence to prove serious collusion. We now known that was not true. I still would like to know why the United States just one of six countries and some European Union would approve a deal that would unfreeze money (150 billion) to a country chanting death to America and then have enough money to develop nuclear weapons in some other country. Was Obama the only one authorizing this? These democrats control almost every TV media except a few and they also control the New York Times and the Washington Post in print media. If we talk about obstruction of justice just look at all the lies told by all these pricks. Collusion, collusion, collusion the evidence it clear and 30 to 40 million dollars later – nothing? While all that is going on, the democrats decide to use sex as their next weapon: learning that Stone, the pron star, was looking for a little money. The threat of sex abuse causes most men to shit their pants in this country. Next came the appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. These fuckers on both sides absolutely want control of the highest court in the land so what kind of ruse is this? All these bastards have lead us to believe wrongfully that biases have no room in our courts, get the fuck out of here they all have biases. Wake the fuck up America, these fuckers are out of control and are just manipulating dork suckers. When Stone story wasn’t going fast enough some political democrats somehow brainwashed Dr. Ford to say it was Bret Kavanaugh, I’m 100% positive he sexually abused me. Just who in the hell was coaching Dr. Ford? Our legal system has also legalized that women can get as drunk and party as much as they want and can never be held responsible for any sexual activity. When they sober up and their cunt is sore they cry rape. Don’t get me wrong there are some real men assholes out there but not every man is one. Right now a women can tell the court I said NO and cry like a baby on the stand so it appears as rape. When a women goes to a man’s apartment already in the party mode and the man never even bought her a drink, who always takes the blame the next morning? Equal justice under the law is now just a ruse in sex cases. What kind of legal system has far less convictions against women than men: is there some myth that says men are more evil than women. I won’t share the Adam and Eve stories just yet. Let me be the first to say that women are just as evil as men but you would never know it in our current legal system. If our constitution is still valid why can my wife get an abortion without my approval? We can now prove with DNA evidence who is the father. Thus there are no men’s rights at all in the current laws for a man to save his son or daughter. Hey guys if you have dealt with an evil women send me an email. If you want some changes we need to start somewhere.

PS: Comments on my website want me to organize a men’s rights organization so I’m working on that.

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